It's not simply "yoga for athletes", sessions are customized to the sport, the players position and repetitive movements. My #1 goal is aiding in the athletes recovery from training and sport, while addressing areas that may be stressed or under-trained.

While the ancient practice of yoga has many benefits for anyone, the breathing and meditative qualities are particularly useful for those engaged in competition. You will learn to experience what it is like to be present, free yourself from negative or doubtful thoughts and be laser focused on the field or court.  This may be the most understated and overlooked benefit of yoga for athletes.

Class is taught in an open and fun environment with an emphasis on body, mind and sport.  The knowledge that student athletes gain will allow them to reach their full potential in their sport and academics. I work to build relationships with team members and to become positive leaders.

The techniques used from the emerging functional and recovery yoga movement can easily be incorporated into the athletes training routine.

For your first class bring an open mind and heart, comfortable stretchy clothing and your desire to achieve your greatest potential in life and your sport.


Team Sessions:

  • You can book a session here or contact me through DM on Instagram or email
  • I come to you or I can acquire space for up to 22 athletes (times and dates may be limited)
  • I supply mats and props for up to 25 students
  • Rates start at $100 but depend on frequency, distance and session length

Private Sessions

  • You can book a session here or contact me through DM on Instagram or email
  • For existing clients, I do FaceTime or Skype sessions if you are away in college or on the road

Workshop Clinics

  • Check my schedule for current workshops or semi-private classes

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Unlike regular yoga, which has tremendous benefits, Power Yoga for Sports™ was developed specifically to combat the tremendous stress that professional and amateur athletes place on their bodies in pursuit of athletic excellence.  This program was created by Gwen Lawrence who resides in New York and has trained pro and D1 athletes for the past 20 years.

Typical certified yoga instructors do not receive specialized training for athletic or sports teams. As a Power Yoga for Sports™ Elite Coach I’ve studied extensively with Gwen and I understand the repetitive movements of the players, your sport and position. It’s this hybrid method of yoga that is key in preventing injuries for my clients, by giving them increased flexibility, stronger joints with more range of motion, a more symmetrical body and better focus on the field or court.



Myofascial releases help with muscle tension and tightness.  This explanation is an oversimplification- the body, in response to injury or trauma, attempts to repair itself by contracting the tissues surrounding the area to protect it.  Left unchecked, the tissues may develop adhesions from continued contraction and loss of blood flow to the area.

Myofascial release techniques smooth out these areas, returning the fascia (the fabric that literally holds us together) to its normal fluid and adaptable self. Using Roll Model® Therapy Balls by Jill Miller or tennis balls gives a more targeted response in areas that cannot be reached by using foam rollers.  This is one of the techniques used in nearly all athletic sessions.

Students respond positively to this work and it's easy to learn and take on the road.

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Hanna Somatics is a gentle, sensible, and safe approach to recover from chronic pain and regain ease of movement. You literally learn to move from the inside out!  It's a sensory-motor training that works for all kinds of stress, injury, and movement problems and helps to re-educate your body through your brain to help regain your lost range of motion and mobility.

One of my favorite functional movement practices is Yoga Deconstructed® created by Trina Altman of Los Angeles.  Her movement patterns are always a hit with my athletic clients and all levels of students.