What are they?
First off, I'm not assessing your athletic ability!!  And I'm not pretending or claiming to be a doctor!  I have been able to study my students' movement patterns, postural alignment and their asymmetries as they flow through their yoga sessions.  What an amazing honor!!  This helps me learn every time I teach a class or conduct a session.  The anatomical study of our physical forms is an amazing and lifetime journey - and one that will always have new and different ideas and discoveries.

During an athlete assessment we both get to learn and I get the privilege of sharing what I have experienced both as a student and a teacher!

Why should I do this?
Here is the thing about imbalances in our physical stature - most of us can't recognize them in ourselves.  We think we are doing well and moving great until we take the time to move more slowly and with conscious awareness.  What may start as some tightness or tension that we perceive to be a "normal" reaction to our training and competition might turn into or be hiding something worse.  In sports we are taught to "suck it up" and "get back out there" and while we need mental toughness to compete at a high level, even small misalignments can lead to injury by causing you to compensate with other muscles. This can create pains and injuries on opposing sides and/or to use more effort with less productivity which equals unreached goals and frustration! One improperly treated or ignored injury leads to more of the same, more often than not.

Now you may be really overthinking at this point - do I even want to know about these imbalances??  Yes, you do! First of all, I highly doubt if you play competitive sports that you HAVE NOT sustained at least one injury - so why let another season go by?  By pinpointing your personal "blind sides" we can then devise a plan to address them BEFORE they result in:

  • Major Injuries
  • Loss of playing time
  • Giving up your position
  • Lack of confidence

“Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.” ― Chuck Knox, former NFL head coach


  • You can book a 60 minute private session here or contact me through DM on Instagram or email
  • You come to my studio space - $75, I come to your space - $85 (20 mile radius from Simi Valley, mileage applies after that)
  • Team assessments can be booked as well, please contact me for rates and details
  • Individual Assessments include visual reference and notes and personal yoga plan specific to your sport and position

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